International orders

International orders
Virago Hobby is a mail order/web based Hobby Shop. We offer a wide range of plastic model kits with focus on car, truck & bike kits and TV & movie figure kits, plus accessories to this range.Due to limited warehouse space we can’t have everything in stock but we are happy to order things upon customer’s request. Send an email and ask for availability and estimated time of delivery.

We have the rights to ask for debt you in advance before ordering expensive special parts, as for example resin kits

​Important info !   Virago Hobby will be closed for about a week with start from November 22nd. ​I will have a hip replacement surgey. During the recovery I will need help from family & friend to keep the business rolling. I guess I aoon will be able to fix the paperwork but I need help with packing and get stuff in and out of the warehouse. Your order will be handled, but please accept that it will take longer time than usuall for acouple of months. Off course will we accept placed order during the closing time and these will be handled after we open up again.

Translation of headlines:

Tillverkare  =  Producers

Produtkatalog = Product catalogue

Nyheter  =  News  (new product arrived in the last 4-5 weeks)

Kommande  =  Announced products

Under the title “Tillgänglighet” you find following :
I lager = Item in stock.
Ej i lager = Item not in stock.

Under the title : “Produktstatus” you find following:
A = Avaiable item.
D= Discontinued item but still in stock or able to order.
TBA = Upcoming product. Preorders can most often be accepted.

You can order by e-mail or by shopping cart. However, the shopping cart still not can offer a payment check-out. You will be contacted about shipping and payment options. Please notice, this shop is still under construction and the shopping cart has not a working function on check-out, just as an order. Place the order and we will contact you with aviability and shipping & payment options.

Swedish VAT is included in the price list but customers outside EU will be billed without.The VAT is 25% on all items except books & magazines which is 6%.

Actual postage fee will be billed with and addition of 10 SEK on parcel post.

All orders must be paid in advance upon shipping date. No COD. You can choice to pay by international bank transver, IBAN/SWIFT system or by Paypal, see : A handling fee of 4% is charged on total at all PayPal transfers.


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