IT-3930  IT-3930  IT-3930
Tillverkare: Italeri
Modellnummer: IT-3930
Tillgänglighet: I lager

Produktstatus: A
Skala: 1/24
Pris: 625.00kr
Antal:     - ELLER -   Lägg till i önskelista

SCANIA R730 STREAMLINE "TEAM CHIMERA"  The exterior design gives the vehicle a huge view of the road and is considered the number one for "SHOW TRUCKS", the famous decorated tractors. The extraordinary exterior style is matched with exclusive new interiors which provide exceptional comfort for the driver and a wide range of color and material options. Our model reproduce in 1:24 scale the tractor created by the well-known Swedish company SVEMPAS AB, for the technical assistance of the tractor in the racing version called SCANIA “CHIMERA”.  

Produktstatus A
Skala 1/24

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